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Re: ITP: gnometv -- a Gnome TV/teletext viewer

On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 11:18:27PM +0200, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
> It has a built-in channel grabber (that works kind of sucky/complicated, but
> when you probably only need to set your channels once), the teletext and TV
> windows are 'easily accessible from the gnome panel applet', different
> channels from different inputs can be mixed in a single set of channels, and
> it looks better.

Does it cope with a tiny panel?  Some badly behaved applets such as the
one for xmms do not.

> I didn't get gnometv to do fullscreen, xawtv does do that. 

Ahh, that's critical for me.  Too bad.  =(

> I wanted to modify xawtv to have a interface, and then found gnometv - in
> my opinion xawtv is ugly and not-userfriendly..

I won't argue, xawtv is just awful.  Its keyboard interface is okay, even
perhaps pretty good.  But its menu, OSD, and capture features are really
very frustrating.

> gnometv has some bugs (the userfriendlyness of the channel settings, which i
> consider bad enough to be a bug - and some other weird bug; when switching
> to a different desktop and back, gnometv doesn't 'remember' its window
> position, and positions itself on the initial coordinates (which is
> annoying).

Have you tried it with different window managers?  Sometimes that matters
with some apps.

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