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Re: ITP: libmpeg3 -- an mpeg audio and video decoding library

* Marcelo E. Magallon (mmagallo@debian.org) wrote:
>  It still doesn't clash because this libmpeg3 package's binaries have to
>  be called libmpeg3<something else here> according to policy.  That is,
>  I hope the soname is not just libmpeg3.so but libmpeg3.so.n, which
>  gives libmpeg3n as the binary name, or preferrably libmpeg3-n.

Does that fly with everyone else then?

My slightly-modified plans, then, are to package libmpeg3 as the

libmpeg3-dev [0]

If I don't hear any objections, I'll proceed this way.


[0] this shouldn't conflict with libmpeg, even if its major version
reaches 3, since the maintainer of libmpeg has opted for a single,
non-versioned libmpeg-dev.

Joshua Haberman <joshua@haberman.com>,  University of Puget Sound
"Delaying decisions" is too often a euphemism for "avoiding thinking."
                                            -Bjarne Stroustrup

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