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ITP: libmpeg3 -- an mpeg audio and video decoding library

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Libmpeg3 decodes

    MPEG-1 Layer II Audio
    MPEG-1 Layer III Audio
    MPEG-2 Layer III Audio
    AC3 Audio
    MPEG-2 Video
    MPEG-1 Video
    IFO files
    VOB files
    MPG files

It can be downloaded from http://heroines.sourceforge.net/libmpeg3.php3

Its license is straight GPL.

There is one legality issue regarding this library: it contains DeCSS
code. The tarball contains a stub file that can be substituted for the
source file containing DeCSS code, however the upstream tarball will
still have the DeCSS code in it. How should I resolve this?

(Please CC: me in responses posted to debian-legal, I'm not subscribed
to that list)

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