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Re: The util-linux reorganisation


Sorry for my slow reply.

Quoting J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) (jhm@cistron.nl):
> The "crypto" patch to util-linux does not contain actual cryptographic code;
> it merely provides a way to use the crypto provided by a kernel patched with
> kernel-patch-i. The issue of such "hooks" to crypto was settled a long time ago
> ("hooks" can go into main; look e.g. for the disappearance of a separate
> "mutt-i" package) and Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 was released with versions of
> mount/losetup that supported encrypted filesystems (see e.g. bug #78263).
Right on target. totally agree, and 'yes please'.
At the moment, kernel-patch-int can be applied, with some manual help. I
totally acknowledge that the package sucks, and should be fixed. I have Big
Plans with it, and hope to have stuff in order RSN.

> IMO the "crypto" patch should be integrated into the regular util-linux
> package ASAP to make unstable have the same functionality as our latest
> release.
'yes please'. util-linux not entirely being up to speed stalls usage of
crypto by the ones who can use it by law.


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