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Re: portability as a goal for debian?

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> In that case dpkg is too big for essential too.
> ] $ dpkg -s bash | grep Installed-Size
> ] Installed-Size: 578
> ] $ dpkg -s dpkg | grep Installed-Size
> ] Installed-Size: 2572
> If you want a *really* small system, you build it yourself, and take
> care of it yourself. This is possible, and even easy, because it's a
> small system so there's not much to take care of.

Actually, the best way to use Debian for embedded stuff is to use dpkg
to install to a target file system, then cut that down to size, by
getting rid of stuff like documentation.  IMO, at least.

David N. Welton
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