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Re: Planning to split doc-rfc

On Saturday 24 February 2001 22:53, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> As I've finally got hold of an oficial list of what standardization level
> the various RFCs have, I'm planning to split the package up along those
> lines.
> There will probably be one package per official level, plus one for
> "other" stuff.
> The official levels are these (with proposed package names):
> DRAFT STANDARDS    doc-rfc-draft-std
> EXPERIMENTAL       doc-rfc-experimental
> HISTORIC           doc-rfc-historic
> PROPOSED STANDARDS doc-rfc-proposed-std
> STANDARDS          doc-rfc-standard
> -                  doc-rfc-misc
> A copy of the official list can be seen at
> http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfcxx00.txt, for example.
> Comments? Better names? Should there be a dummy doc-rfc package to pull in
> the others?

I think that the STANDARDS package should be of priority "Standard" as it's 
something that belongs on all systems (IMHO) and it's only 1.6M of data.  
PROPOSED STANDARDS possibly should be also.

I don't believe that there is a need for the experimental and misc RFCs to be 
separate, I think that there should be one set of package containing all 
those RFCs, and that it should be split by RFC numbers (EG one package for 
the range 1..1000, another for 1001..2000, etc).  This will reduce the size 
of the packages which makes things easier to manage (20M packages can be a 
pain to manipulate).  Also I would like to see regular updates when new 
packages are added, but I don't want to download 20M of package too often.  
If only the last package (range 2001..3000) is updated then it would only be 
8M out of 20M to download.  Hmm, maybe we should split it on ranges of 500 
RFCs, that would only require a 3.5M download for every new RFC that's added.

Also you could have a doc-rfc-misc package that depends on all doc-rfc-misc-* 
packages, and a doc-rfc that depends on doc-rfc-misc, doc-rfc-standard, and 

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