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Planning to split doc-rfc

As I've finally got hold of an oficial list of what standardization level  
the various RFCs have, I'm planning to split the package up along those  

There will probably be one package per official level, plus one for  
"other" stuff.

The official levels are these (with proposed package names):

DRAFT STANDARDS    doc-rfc-draft-std
EXPERIMENTAL       doc-rfc-experimental
HISTORIC           doc-rfc-historic
PROPOSED STANDARDS doc-rfc-proposed-std
STANDARDS          doc-rfc-standard
-                  doc-rfc-misc

A copy of the official list can be seen at
http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfcxx00.txt, for example.

Comments? Better names? Should there be a dummy doc-rfc package to pull in  
the others?

(I'd still like a thematic split, but I still know no way to do that that  
doesn't imply looking through ~3000 RFCs manually, and that doesn't seem  

MfG Kai

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