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Re: Variable in Depends: ??

On Sunday 25 February 2001 04:49, Marvin Stodolsky wrote:
> Per below, I am Debianizing a modem driver package. In principle it
> would be preferable to specify the Depends: for header-sources by
> something like:
>    Depends: kernel-header-`uname -r`

You are assuming that the version of the kernel that is being run is the same 
as the version that is being compiled for.  This is bad and means multiple 
reboots if you want to compile for multiple kernels.
"uname -r" should be replaced with the following:
head -4 /usr/src/linux/Makefile | sed -e "s/ //g" > foo
/bin/sh ./foo

> to achieve a required version matching with the running kernel
> Rather then the (generally incorrect) specification of a particular
> version.  Is there anyway that this can be simple implemented in the
> initial Pre-install, or must it be left to Messages under the
> post-Install scripts?

Why not have a wrapper script that uses sed to create a debian/control file 
and then runs dpkg-buildpackage?  It wouldn't work with auto-builders, but I 
doubt that there is a need to use auto-builders at ltmodem is Intel-only (and 
includes an Intel .o file that lacks source).

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