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Re: manpage for applet functions

>>>> "MM" == Mike Markley <mike@markley.org> writes:

MM> Package: gnome-core
MM> Severity: wishlist

MM> [Bcc'd to submit@bugs; sent to debian-devel for discussion]

MM> Many simple applets simply use undocumented(7) as their manpage, but this
MM> lies a little, claiming that it's already reported as a bug and will be
MM> fixed.

And the winer is Malcolm Parsons <malcolm@ivywell.screaming.net>

Thanks to this guy who has did 6 bugs report like this :

Read section 13.1 of debian-policy.

You can not symlink manpages to undocumented.7.gz without filing a bug report.  

This is such a bug report :o)

I'll *never* wrote these manpage.


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