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manpage for applet functions

Package: gnome-core
Severity: wishlist

[Bcc'd to submit@bugs; sent to debian-devel for discussion]

Many simple applets simply use undocumented(7) as their manpage, but this
lies a little, claiming that it's already reported as a bug and will be

I propose a manpage documenting the normal gnome options, i.e. the ones that
you get just by passing argc/argv to applet_widget_init(). This would allow
a small but useful manpage to be written for applets, with SEE ALSO pointing
at the proper manpage.

This sort of thing could probably be applied to many such tasks (general
gnome or GTK-linked programs, etc.) to allow small, useful manpages to be
written without needing much maintenance. Such a measure would provide an
easy way for package maintainers to eliminate undocumented(7) symlinks that
probably shouldn't be there, without making them track the current set of
command-line arguments that the library in question provides.

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
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