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Re: key signing request - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

On Monday 12 February 2001 16:42, Egon Willighagen wrote:
> On Monday 12 February 2001 16:05, Peter van Rossum wrote:
> > I am trying to become a Debian developper. Before I jump
> > into the new maintainers queue, I'd like to have everything
> > set up properly, so the application can go smoothly. Among
> > other things, this means I'd like to have my public key
> > signed by some current member of Debian. Is there someone
> > in Nijmegen, The Netherlands or somewhere near (i.e. anywhere
> > else in The Netherlands :-)) willing to help me?
> I am not a developer yet, but in the process. My key is signed by
> another developer-to-be and two real developers... And i am in the
> building just across the street (Toernooiveld, thus in the UL building...)
> Would a sign from a developer-to-be do? In any case, if there is going
> to be a key-signing at the Univ. of Nijmegen i'll be there...

Firstly I suggest Utrecht instead of Nijmegen as it's apparently more 
conveniant for many people to get to.

Also there has been talk of having a Debian Developers meeting in the 
Netherlands soon, such meetings usually start out at the Utrecht CS meeting 
point.  At such a meeting you should be able to get 5 or more active 
developers to sign your key (I'll do it if no-one else).

Wichert, when shall we have the next meeting?

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