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Re: Daemontools


> init.d way:
> /etc/init.d/qmail start
> daemontools way:
> svc -u /var/qmail/supervise/*
> svc -u /var/qmail/supervise/*/log

???? Don't know how you have configure your run scripts. My qmail is 
controlled like that:

To start: svc -u /service/qmail

To stop: svc -d /service/qmail

(Instead of /service it is /var/lib/svscan in your case)
Multilog is handled automatically. And even if you have three qmail services 
installed (qmail, qmail-pop3d, qmail-smtpd) you can control all of these with 
this commands:

To start: svc -u /service/qmail*

To stop: svc -d /service/qmail*

> init.d way:
> /etc/init.d/dns stop
> daemontools way:
> svc -d /etc/tinydns
> svc -d /etc/tinydns/log
> svc -d /etc/dnscache
> svc -d /etc/dnscache/log

Again, you don't need to shutdown the multilog-stuff by hand. And I don't 
agree, that there is one init.d-scripts that starts and stops ALL of the 
djbdns services. In most cases you only want dnscache on a system. And you 
want to control tinydns and dnscache (and all the other services (walldns, 
axfrdns) separately.

> You get the point.  IMHO It's just more convenient to have it all in one
> "friendly" script.

No, I still don't see it. Init.d-Replacement-Scripts for supervices 
init.d-services are ok for me (because compatibility to some scripts and 
programs using these init.d-scripts to control the service) but I still don't 
agree to add init.d-scripts to native supervise-services.


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