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Re: Daemontools


> On the other hand, assuming daemontools isn't installed by default then
> perhaps we *don't* need corresponding init scripts 

What do you mean with "installed by default"? An essential package? Or do you 
mean, that i.E. dnscache depends on daemontools by default and is no 
standalone package?

I still can't see the point with that consistency. Daemontools is not 
intended to be "compatible" to the init.d-Mechanism, so I don't understand 
why we have to "make" it compatible. As I said, if someone is switching to 
daemontools (as someting like an init.d-Replacement) he knows daemontools and 
he knows that daemontools services are controlled by svc and not by init 

Just to be sure: For what services do you want to make compatibility init 
scripts? Only for services originally controlled by init.d-scripts (apache, 
proftpd) or also services running under daemontools by nature (dnscache)?

I agree, that init-scripts for services like apache and proftpd are useful. 
Maybe there are scripts somewhere calling "/etc/init.d/apache restart" or 
something like this and this must still work after switching the service to 


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