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Re: libssl096 and testing

Brian May writes:
 >     Christoph> There is not build information for openssl on arm, so I
 >     Christoph> don't know why it is not build.
 > I think you would need to check the "build-depends:" for openssl.
 > Chances are one of the packages isn't getting built for arm.

No. arm tries to build an old version of openssl (and apache-ssl and
...) See:


But this version is not availlable anymore. I think there is something
wrong with the auto-builder getting the versions of packages to

 > This is getting confusing. Heimdal won't go into testing until openssl
 > is built on arm, and openssl won't get built on arm until...

I just build openssl by hand on debussy (arm.debian.org) and uploaded
it to nonus. Hopefully it will get into the archive soon.

 >     Christoph> (Do you know, which is the buildhost for arm packages?)
 > arm.debian.org???

arm.debian.org is debussy, which has potato installed. Which means the
programs are linked agains libc6-2.1.3.


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