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Re: Problems with using debconf in init script...

(Cc'ed back to -devel after someone managed to hit the wrong button...)

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 05:41:08PM -0800, Philippe Troin wrote:
> > > What happens if someone makes some changes to /etc/default<service>
> > > and than dpkg-reconfigure <service> is ran ? Overwrite manual changes ?
> > Same thing as happens if you've made manual changes to any other config
> > file that uses debconf values before running dpkg-reconfigure.
> > Exactly what that is isn't entirely clear, but it's a known problem and
> > a couple of solutions were discussed in a recent thread... It's not a show
> > stopper, though.
> Uh, loosing information is a show stopper to me :-)

Well, there are (afaicr) a few ways of reasonably handling this situation:

	1) Not asking any questions, or using any debconf values if the
	   /etc file has been modified
	2) Using the debconf values when --reconfigure'ing (but not during
	   normal upgrades)
	3) Having an additional prompt if both the debconf and the /etc
	   values have changed

I don't think there's any real consensus on which of these is best.

> Why did you take the discussion of d.devel@l.d.o ?



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