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Re: RFC: Central version control for Debian

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 10:59:14PM +0000, Thom May wrote:

I think there would be too many problems with this idea.  1) who decides when
to create branches, roll releases, etc? the maintainer? the cvs admin? the
release manager? some random maintainer who wants a new ver of package foo
because their package has just been upgraded and it depends on a new version
of foo?  2) It's too easy to miss such a change. If you go on holiday for a
couple of days and someone checks in a security fix, and you don't realise,
that's going to be a fairly awkard situation for all concerned. It's equally
do-able with packages, I agree, but cvs is a lot more immediate.

I imagine that each area of the tree would be subject to its own access control
policy.  Notification of changes is easy, as I noted later, as it can be
automated.  A lot of coordination would be necessary to avoid conflicting
changes and other such messes, though.  The scalable solution would be for each
maintainer to determine the access control policy for his/her packages.

The thought that immediately came to my mind when reading this thread was: SourceForge... Isn't what you are suggesting very similar to what sourceforge.net already does for individual projects?

The difference would be that the Debian system would need more layers of control so that it can deal with the security team, NM commits, etc.

my $.02
Andrew Scherpbier

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