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Re: HOWTO announce ITP

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 06:09:10PM +0000, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > But then all the other messages (the usual bug junk) would clutter up
> > -devel. And we all know that -devel doesn't need any more needless traffic...
> Selective forwarding to -devel, perhaps?

Only the stuff that comes in as new, yeah, we could do that. But one can
argue that adopting packages is just as important as packaging new stuff, if
not more important.

It seems that the reason ITPs were posted to -devel thus far is that there
was no other more appropriate list, but the information had to be posted
somewhere where everybody could see it. With the automated WNPP that can be
browsed using the BTS and which has nicely sorted web pages, and considering
there's simply way too many ITPs etc these days, another list looks like a
logical step forward.

> > There will be a new list created, debian-wnpp@lists.d.o, and it will replace
> > wnpp@d.o address. That way everyone who wishes to see ITPs and all can
> > subscribe to that list.
> Example.  I am not normally interested in ITPs.  I just happened to
> spot one which caught my eye.  I would guess that a lot of ITPs are
> like that.  The idea of them going to -devel is, I think, a good one
> in principle.  I'd prefer not to have to subscribe to Yet Another List
> for something of only marginal interest.

OTOH others might not want to sift through stuff of only marginal interest
just in case one of the messages might prove to be interesting... the way
I see it, moving things away from the -devel list is a normal evolutionary
step for everything in Debian that can be discussed :)

The large number of lists is unavoidable, because that's better than having
everything on one list -- that would be increasingly messy.

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