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Re: update excuses.. how to read them

On Fri 26 Jan 2001, Brian May wrote:
> Let me guess: I converted my home directory to use resierfs, which
> means I can not build packages there any more (at least for potato, as
> the order of symlinks is wrong). So I copied the source directory to
> an ext2 file-system, but forgot to copy the upstream source, too :-(

Yup, if the .orig.tar.gz is not found, then a native package is assumed.

> I guess in this case it should be safe just to upload a new version of
> heimdal (with the appropriate option to force uploading the full
> source) with the problem corrected?
> Or, should I wait until 0.3e is released?

Depends on the timing. If you expect 0.3e to be released RSN, then
by all means wait. However, if the release is weeks away, I'd
recommend uploading a new debian release now.

Paul Slootman
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