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Re: update excuses.. how to read them

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> writes:

    Paul> It might also help if the source package was in the proper
    Paul> format, i.e. with an .orig.tar.gz and a diff.gz file,
    Paul> instead of it all lumped together in a heimdal_0.3d-5.tar.gz
    Paul> file.

Ooops. That was the way it was meant to work :-(. Thanks for alerting
me to the problem.

Let me guess: I converted my home directory to use resierfs, which
means I can not build packages there any more (at least for potato, as
the order of symlinks is wrong). So I copied the source directory to
an ext2 file-system, but forgot to copy the upstream source, too :-(

I guess in this case it should be safe just to upload a new version of
heimdal (with the appropriate option to force uploading the full
source) with the problem corrected?

Or, should I wait until 0.3e is released?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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