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Re: update excuses.. how to read them

On Thu 25 Jan 2001, Brian May wrote:
>     Daniel> Eh? #77794 only affects Sparc.
> s/Alpha/Sparc/
> (and don't ask me why I got the two confused...)

It might also help if the source package was in the proper format,
i.e. with an .orig.tar.gz and a diff.gz file, instead of it all
lumped together in a heimdal_0.3d-5.tar.gz file.

When building things by hand, I usually skip such packages because
if there's a new version, I have to download the entire sources
again for perhaps a 2 byte change. Besides, it doesn't conform to

And yes, I do check that it's not a native debian package; things
like "new upstream version" in the changelog is a hint...

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