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Re: upload rejected: changes file doesn't say <package> for Source

> Perhaps you FTPed it somewhere in ASCII mode? I've never seen any of the
> Debian packaging tools do this, and it looks like only your .dsc is
> affected.

I have used `dupload' in scp mode !

> Maybe it should. File a wishlist bug against lintian?
Since I don't know whether it should I can't file a bug
report. BTW: The behaviour of all the mentioned 
deb helper progs was similar for a second program
named `html2wml'. I didn't mention that, because
I didn't want to make it to complicated. This
is still maybe my fault, but I don't know where
to find a solution. If you want to help please
look at the reject messages, too. What is the
actual reason for them?

Thank you 


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