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Re: upload rejected: changes file doesn't say <package> for Source

Werner Heuser <wehe@snafu.de> wrote:
>>     Werner> strange ^M at every end of line, same with the changes
>>     Werner> file.  Since I have used `dh-make' 0.23 to generate the
>> What program did you use to edit the file?
>> Sounds like the file is now in MS-DOS text format...
>yes, but why?

Perhaps you FTPed it somewhere in ASCII mode? I've never seen any of the
Debian packaging tools do this, and it looks like only your .dsc is

>But I want to know is this the actual reason why the package was
>rejected, and how does it come that `lintian' doesn't complain about
>the other lines containing a ^M at the end of each line (except the

Maybe it should. File a wishlist bug against lintian?

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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