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Re: upload rejected: changes file doesn't say <package> for Source

>     Werner> strange ^M at every end of line, same with the changes
>     Werner> file.  Since I have used `dh-make' 0.23 to generate the
> What program did you use to edit the file?
> Sounds like the file is now in MS-DOS text format...
yes, but why?

> I would be surprised if dh-make did this.
As I stated in my previous mail, I only used `dh-make'
edited `debian/control' and `debian/rules' and 
did a `dpkg-buildpackage'. Additionaly I have
checked the package source directory again:
egrep -r "^M$" <package>
which doesn't show any matches.

> Others will tell you how to convert it to Unix text format (is there
> any FAQ we can point people to who want to know this?)
I know the ways which have been recommended and some
more to achieve this ;-)

But I want to know
is this the actual reason why the package was rejected,
and how does it come that `lintian' doesn't complain
about the other lines containing a ^M at the end
of each line (except the signature)?

If you want to have a look at my package, you
may find it at


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