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Re: upload rejected: changes file doesn't say <package> for Source

>>>>> "Werner" == Werner Heuser <wehe@snafu.de> writes:

    Werner> This file seems alright to me, but the file includes some
    Werner> strange ^M at every end of line, same with the changes
    Werner> file.  Since I have used `dh-make' 0.23 to generate the
    Werner> Debian configuration files I supposed the file format
    Werner> should be alright.

What program did you use to edit the file?

Sounds like the file is now in MS-DOS text format...

I would be surprised if dh-make did this.

Others will tell you how to convert it to Unix text format (is there
any FAQ we can point people to who want to know this?)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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