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Re: ITP: MimeFilter.

>>>>>  JC == Joseph Carter [2001-1-16]

JC> On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 06:05:52PM +0100, Davide G. M. Salvetti wrote:
>> Basically, it's a filter that strips unwanted MIME attachment from
>> messages directed to a mailing list.

JC> I wonder what it does with this message...

Well Joseph,

I think you know how to access incoming: just try and install the
package, then you could easily see for yourself what it does.

JC> I'll hazard a guess that because of the non-text/plain message body,
JC> the entire message gets trashed.

You'd be wrong.

A.  The person who configures MimeFilter can choose which MIME types he
wants to see.  Since MimeFilter is a _MIME_ filter, you just have to
tell it a list of MIME types you're willing to accept.

B.  If a message contains a mix of unwanted MIME types along with
accepted ones, MimeFilter strips the former and outputs a valid message
containing just the latter.

C.  By default, MimeFilter accepts «text/plain» and
«application/pgp-signature», because this are the only types the
MimeFilter's Author likes to see on the mailing lists he administers.
(Incidentally, you're message contains exactly these two types.)

JC> Same probably applies for a lot of attachment types which are (but
JC> wouldn't likely be recognized as) the message body.

See Joseph, I think people who administer a mailing list know what
_they_ want to consider to be the message body, and, what's more, they
surely can choose if they want to install MimeFilter or not.

JC> If I'm right, this seems like a very dangerous program to use.

The ice on the cake is that you don't have to.  Free software is such a
wonderful thing. ;-)

Talking about hot air isn't exactly the best way to see what a program
does: you have the source, just look at it if you're curious, else
ignore it at your leisure.


Davide Giovanni Maria Salvetti
W: http://www.linux.it/~salve/
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