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ITP: MimeFilter.

[Please, respect Mail-Copies-To if you reply: I'm not on debian-devel.]

Hi guys,

I've packaged MimeFilter, and uploaded it to incoming.

I wrote MimeFilter some time ago, and used it since on some mailing
lists I administer.

Basically, it's a filter that strips unwanted MIME attachment from
messages directed to a mailing list.

I've been using it with Smartlist, and the manpage talks about how to
set it up with it.  However, I believe it can be successfully used with
other mailing list managers as well (you just need to set the right
environments variables MimeFilter expects).


Davide Giovanni Maria Salvetti
W: http://www.linux.it/~salve/
OpenPGP (GPG) Key ID: 939686D5

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