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Re: ITP: MimeFilter.

>>>>> "DGMS" == Davide G M Salvetti <salve@debian.org> writes:

    DGMS> A.  The person who configures MimeFilter can choose which
    DGMS> MIME types he wants to see.  Since MimeFilter is a _MIME_
    DGMS> filter, you just have to tell it a list of MIME types you're
    DGMS> willing to accept.

Its all about definitions.

Sometimes when authors refer to "MimeFilter" (sorry I can't think of
any examples now) they mean: get rid of all that MIME stuff.

It seems MimeFilter is slightly better then this, you can tell it what
to filter out.

I can't think of much application for it (probably lack of
imagination), but think it might be useful if you could filter out
*.exe files, for instance, on public mailing lists.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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