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Re: New-Maintainer - Some Facts

Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@innocent.com> writes:

>  Well, it was pointed out quite a lot of time that the DAM is one of the
> most critical - or let's say most worthful and most to be trusted -
> position in the project.  In fact, it's the person that is responsible

If it's really so critical, why is there no backup? If James becomes sick or
has an accident and can't do the job anymore or just doesn't want to do it
anymore, then the "most critical position" will be left empty!

> for all of the developers, in some way or the other.  At least he hands

If there is only one person that is responsible for all of the developers,
then that's very bad! But as the constitution says, this is not true (3.2).

> the accounts on the debian machine parc to mostly totally strangers.  I
> would get more than paranoid if I'd had to do such a job - and I bet

Then you are probably not very good at this job. I work with accounts and
system management from time to time and a friend of mine is ISP (not very big,
but one of the bigger local ones) and we both don't get paranoid. If you know
what you are doing then there is no reason in being prarnoid. If you
understand security issues and just do your work then i see no problems.

> James is.  It's part of the job, you see....  And now try to find a
> person that you'd trust enough to give the same "power" to.

As everyone in this job may be overruled by the developers, i see no big
problem. It's just a job.

You also have to trust every single developer! Hey, the package Debian
packages and they could do much more harm to the hole Debian project than this
single account manager.

>  It's not like you can mail to -private and say "Hey, someone likes to
> become DAM?"

Why not?

Until the next mail...,

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