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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

** On Jan 16, Anthony Towns scribbled:
> > > (cf, the Tasks and Skills check).
> > This is not how most of us started, including you and me. And now we
> > are two very active members. 
> Sure. No one's saying people who can only maintain a couple of lame packages
> should be rejected merely because of that. Well, at least, I'm not, and I'm
> fairly sure James and Joey aren't either.
Ok, that's good to hear that. Now, I will speak just about myself and my own
packages - most of them aren't lame (Pike, Caudium, pexts - all quite complex
and big software packages, centericq - this one is certainly lame :), there
are about 20 of them. So, having this said - see below for the rest of what
I have to say...

> > > And I mean, it'd be nice to not need to prioritise people, but we still
> > > don't seem to be able to handle the volume of new maintainer applicants
> > > we have effectively, so we need to do *something*.
> > Uh, as far as I can see, the new maintainer team as a whole is doing fine,
> > it's just the DAM bottleneck at issue here.
> I'm not really sure I agree with that. Take Neal's example: he waited a
> little over a month for an AM to be assigned to him, and then took ten
> days to get an account. In his case, the bottleneck was AM-assignment.
My example: AM assignment - 3 months, AM processing my application - 6 days,
waiting for the DAM approval and account - almost 4 months now. Total time a
little over 7 months. In the same time a few dozens of applicants which
maintain one or two packages were processed, accepted and blessed. So, I'm
asking again - what's wrong? I asked my AM - he doesn't know anything is
wrong with my application - it has been forwarded to the DAM. I suppose DAM
won't answer my mails, so I don't even try writing him. The only remaining
alternative is to ask it here - but here's no answer as well. I'm out of


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