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Re: Constitutions (was: Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT)

On 20010116T104641+0100, Stefan Nobis wrote:
> That's not quite correct. The very base of every democratic society is the
> diversion of powers, the executive, the legislative and the legal powers. So
> you can make a call to the legal powers to override something of the
> legislative powers. That's the same as above.

I was referring to the legal powers by the "independent decision makers".
Although they are not exactly comparable to DAM in terms of position,
there is the fact that nobody can countermand a lawful decision made
by whatever supreme court there is in the society, except perhaps the
court itself.

> And by the way there are some (many?) democracies that grants plebiscites.

I know.  Mine is among them (although the plebiscites are not binding).

> Beware! To accept a constitution in a democratic way dosn't mean that the
> constitution itself has democratic elements or constitutes a democracy.

Did I ever claim otherwise?

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