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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

[ I dropped -mentors from the distribution. ]

Stop CCing me on list postings.

On 20010114T234721+1100, Daniel Stone wrote:
> What about those with sid (me) who want access to potato and woody machines
> to test with weird breakages? (me)

What's wrong with a chroot setup?

Besides, I'm not here to enumerate all the cases where one should be
entitled to access to Debian machines.  If it is important to your Debian
work, I see no problem with giving you access.

> Why in hell are you people so immediately suspicious of NMs?

I'm not.

But you must realize that new members get the constitutional rights,
including the right to vote.  We must make sure that we are not
immediately suspectible to a flood-of-hostile-members attack, where a
force wanting to divert or destroy Debian, if there are any, has a large
number of their agents infiltrate Debian and use their constitutional
powers as members to unmake Debian.

> Here's a solution. Let's put in place every single tightarse, fascist
> regulation you people have proposed. Then, let's dump you out of Debian, and
> put you in the NM queue, under a different name, with no-one knowing who you
> are.

Let's see.

In my time, initial contact consisted of mailing the NM delegates.  I did that.

For step 2, identification, there were two possibilities: you could
either have a signature of a developer in your PGP key (there were no
GPG keys back then), or you could send the delegates a scanned image of
your official identification, signed by your PGP key.  Since the nearest
developers to me were several hundred kilometers away, I chose the
latter way.  I'm under the impression that that option is still available.

For step 3, the requirements were less formal.  The philosophy was checked
in a brief phone call from one of the delegates, in my case James Troup.
I'm confident that I would have passed even the current checks, given that
I was a vocal proponent of Debian philosophy back then, and, AFAICR, I
had participated in evaluating licenses in the Debian lists and elsewhere.
The procedures I knew even before I was developer.

For step 4, there were no formal checks.  But at the time of my
acceptance as developer, I had maintained a medium-complexity source
package (malaga) for several months outside of Debian (there was no
sponsorship program back then).  I had packaged malaga from scratch
without using any helper tools, so I consider myself to have had good
understanding of the packaging process.

Step 5 consists of verifying that the previous four steps were completed
and of admitting the applicant to the ranks of developers.

I applied on or near 1998-09-21 (I don't find my original mail from
my archives).  My key was added to the keyring on 1999-01-29.

I am confident that I would have passed the current requirements
had they been in force when I applied.

> Then, and ONLY THEN, are you entitled to speak about NMs. Become one first.
> Then bitch.

Sorry, it does not work that way.  The current members of any association
decide on how new members are taken in, if any.  The association has no
obligation to accept new members, and nonmembers have no vote.

Remember, Debian developership is a privilege, not a right.

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