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Re: Two versions in the archives

>>>>> " " == David Starner <dvdeug@x8b4e516e.dhcp.okstate.edu> writes:

     > What is the general rule of thumb on having more than one
     > version of a program in Debian? I ask because version 2.0 of
     > one of my favorite editors (yudit) came out recently, and they
     > wrecked the GUI. It bears little resemblance to the yudit I
     > use. Would it be inappropriate to ask the mainainter to keep
     > the old version in the archive, say as yudit1.5?  (I'd be
     > willing to maintain it myself, if nessecary.)

Like xemacs20 and xemacs21? or emacs19 and emacs20? Same for mule and

Theres enough of that already, you might just ahve to maintain the old
version if the maintainer is unwilling.


PS: You should get the maintainer to change the 2.0 versions name to
yudit2 or so before any upload is done, otherwise you need to get the
2.0 version removed manually before uploading any 1.5 versions.

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