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Re: dpkg and pre-versions

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> writes:

> the sake of an example I'll use it.  If you wanted to 1.2.3pre2 of foo,
> you would package it as 1.2.3!pre2-1 rather than 1.2.3pre2-1 or
> 1.2.2+1.2.3-1 or or 1.2.3-0pre2.1 or any of the other weird

If we don't want to give some special meaning to versions with an
"pre" in ti, then this is probally the best solution. And give "pre" a
special meaning is not a good soulution IMHO.

> we've known about for a long time now.  If nobody else wants to fix it, I
> will (and have already got the the compare code finished..)  Now it's time
> to modify the parser, what character do I use?

Would it be to messy use a "-"? If a version tag has two -'s the stuff
between is a prerelease tag otherwise prerelasetag is "".

I can't think of any special meaning ~ could have in a middle of a
name. And then it almost looks like and sometimes used as an
approximination sign, which prereleases is.

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