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Re: Snes9x and Quake in main

Eric Gillespie, Jr. wrote:
> According to policy, sections 2.1.2 - 2.1.4, a package goes in
> non-free if it isn't DFSG free and in contrib if it depends on a
> non-free package. Both snes9x and Quake are DFSG free, and
> neither depend on non-free packages. Therefore, both should be in
> main.

Read policy again. In particular this bit:

     Examples of packages which would be included in "contrib" are
        * free packages which require "contrib", "non-free", or "non-US"
          packages or packages which are not in our archive at all for
          compilation or execution,

> The point has been raised that neither of these packages are
> useful without non-free software. Even if this were true, policy
> says nothing about this, and i don't think it should. However, it
> isn't true. There are free data sets for Quake, and free ROMs for
> snes9x.

Package those things and the packages can move into main. As is, they
depend on "packages that are not in our archive at all" and thus they
belong in contrib.

see shy jo

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