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Re: Message CCs (again for the xth time)

>>>>> "asf" == Andreas Fuchs <asf@acm.org> writes:

    asf> On 2001-01-12, Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> wrote:
    >> perhaps via the List-Post header defined in RFC 2369 ?  GNU
    >> Mailman supports these headers but most/all MUAs make no use of
    >> them.

    asf> True. Gnus does not, for one, but this can be fixed if it's
    asf> reported. I will, if noone beats me to it, I'll volunteer.

    asf> It would also be seriously great if the list software could
    asf> track which mails are from non-subscribers and modify the
    asf> List-Reply accordingly for article that Reference them.

    asf> That would be seriously cool and interesting, IMHO. Too bad
    asf> that I don't have enough time to look into it myself right
    asf> now.

I think a better option would be if the mailing list software could
insert a default "list-reply" (or whatever; I have heard
"Mail-Followups-To:" exists as a standard) for any mail that doesn't
already have one.

For instance, if a user posts to security@lists.debian.org:

1. poster can specify he wants to receives CCs with
List-Reply: email@address, security@lists.debian.org
(a good MUA would automate this task)

2. security@lists.debian.org sees the message, and if the sender *has not*
set preference then it would default to
List-Reply: security@lists.debian.org

other non-Debian lists where could change this default as required.

3. debian-private@lists.debian.org leaves the header as is, as it
already has been set either by 2 or 3.

Then again, yes, you could have the mailing list check if the user is
subscribed and modify the header accordingly, but there are other
issues here (eg subscribers e-mailing from non-subscribed address).  I
don't think this functionality is really required anyway.

This will solve all the problems except the cross posting one, which
on reflection, may not be that easy to solve anyway.

Then once we agree on the above, file a bug report for any MUA that
doesn't comply ;-).
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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