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Re: big Packages.gz file

>>>>> " " == Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

>>>>> "sluncho" == sluncho  <sluncho@mirizma.org> writes:
    sluncho> How hard would it be to make daily diffs of the Package
    sluncho> file? Most people running unstable update every other day
    sluncho> and this will require downloading and applying only a
    sluncho> couple of diff files.

    sluncho> The whole process can be easily automated.

     > Sounds remarkably like the process (weekly not daily though) to
     > distribute Fidonet nodelist diffs. Also similar to kernel
     > diffs, I guess to.

     > Seems a good idea to me (until better solutions like rproxy are
     > better implemented), but you have to be careful not to get
     > apply diffs in the wrong order.  -- Brian May <bam@debian.org>

Or missing one or having a corrupted file to begin with or any other
of 1000 possibilities.

Also mirrors will allways lack behind, have erratic timestamping on
those files and so on. I think it would become a mess pretty soon.

The nice thing about rsync is that its self repairing. Its allso more
efficient than a normal diff.


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