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Re: big Packages.gz file

On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 05:18:02PM -0500, Chris Gray wrote:
> >>>>> Brian May writes:
>     bm> What do large packages have to do with the size of the index file,
>     bm> Packages?
> I think the point was that every package adds about 30-45 lines to the
> Packages file.  You don't need to download any of the Linux Gazette to
> have the 33 lines each issue takes up in the Packages file.

A big package index IMHO is the current bottleneck of Debian package system.
While most of people are more interested in RSYNC to come to cure, MHO RSYNC
is an overkill and a non-clean-kill. It prevents easy mirroring of Debian by
requesting RSYNC service on the mirror system, and it won't solve the pool's
problem, but give a hack. ;)

While OTOH a relatively straight solution is:

* To seperate Packages.gz to be along with each package as another seperate
  file. Ceazar's belong to Ceazar. ;)
  i.e., each pkg_ver-sub_arch.deb with a pkg_ver-sub_arch.idx
* At the same time, provide a big Packages.gz by collecting these small
  files for compatibility. Or, maybe even a trimmed Packages.gz by removing
  all of the Description:s.
* Optionally, provide hard or symlinks along with each package, some
  i.e., pkg_[stable|unstable|testing]_arch.idx -> pkg_ver-sub_arch.idx
  Note: this won't hurt mirror, OTOH could even help partial mirror.
* And enable multiple versions of a package in the package pool.

This way, general package index is optional. And release management could
move towards those more fine tuned task-* like packages. No lost. ;)

Just for discussion, I would be glad to hear critics. ;)

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/*   =|=X ++
 *   /\+_ p7 <zw@debian.org> */

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