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Re: big Packages.gz file

>>>>> Brian May writes:

>>>>> "zhaoway" == zhaoway  <zw@debian.org> writes:
    zhaoway> 1) It prevent many more packages to come into Debian, for
    zhaoway> example, Linux Gazette are now not present newest issues
    zhaoway> in Debian. People occasionally got fucked up by packages
    zhaoway> like anachism-doc because the precious band-width. And
    zhaoway> some occasional discussion on L10N packages to distrub
    zhaoway> others life who don't need it.

    bm> ...only if you download and install the package in question.

    bm> What do large packages have to do with the size of the index file,
    bm> Packages?

I think the point was that every package adds about 30-45 lines to the
Packages file.  You don't need to download any of the Linux Gazette to
have the 33 lines each issue takes up in the Packages file.


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