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Re: Avifile package - help needed

>> William Lee Irwin III <wli@holomorphy.com> writes:

 > Say, could you cite some proof of this?
 I admit this being hearsay.  Before sending my previous message I did
 try to find some credible source for this information.  The Project
 Mayo doesn't give much info in that direction, and the articles it
 links barely mention the issue.  The sites that did contain the
 information are gone or have changed since then.  The only site where
 you can find something along these lines is, *gasp*, slashdot.  Mac
 Station (http://www.mac.st/) claims to provide the source to a DivX
 CODEC, but I couldn't decompress the file to verify this.  I wouldn't
 repeat this information if the DivX authors had cared to say "no,
 that's not true".

 > I've been in some email discussions with the author of mplayer about
 > what sort of licensing needs to go on with this and this has a
 > serious impact on the functionality of the player(s) involved. If
 > there's an post in debian-legal, or even better some public
 > information source with a statement to this effect, I want to see it
 > before I tell him we can't redistribute his package or whatever this
 > means.

 As long as mplayer doesn't *require* DivX to work, it should be safe.
 For example, xine can *use* the Windows DLLs, but it doesn't require
 them.  I guess mplayer is in similar position.


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