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Re: Linux Gazette [Was: Re: big Packages.gz file]

On Mon, Jan  8, 2001 at 18:20:16 +0100 (+0000), Andreas Fuchs wrote:
> On 2001-01-07, Goswin Brederlow
> <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
> >     zhaoway> 1) It prevent many more packages to come into Debian, for
> >     zhaoway> example, Linux Gazette are now not present newest issues
> >     zhaoway> in Debian. People occasionally got fucked up by packages
> > Any reasons why the Linux gazette is not present anymore?
> > And is there a virtual package for the Linux gazette that allays
> > depends on the newest version?
> Another solution would be to have only an installer which installs the
> latest version of the LG from a server that keeps it. Keeps the
> Packages.gz file clean, and LG readers happy.
> Or am I missing something?

To answer the questions:

a) it is present but I havn't updated it in a while (busy).  Wouter Verhelst
has offered to take over the package but he's new to packaging so things are
taking a bit of time.

b) nope - I havn't done a virtual "latest" package yet, there is a bug about
it I think (or Wouter suggested it).

c) personally, I like the LG since I find the issues useful - I found useful
articles in all the ones I read.  Unfortuantely since I left uni I havn't
been sufficiently bored to remember to download and read them (and hence to
package them).

d) I was hoping the "data" section of Debian would get into policy so I
could move the packages there and out of main.


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