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Re: Avifile package - help needed

Hi Zdenek,

>> Zdenek Kabelac <kabi@informatics.muni.cz> writes:

 > After a while there is finaly version which looks stable enough for me, 
 > so there are new packages of this program available here

 I went back to the archived discussion that took place in October, and
 I'm surprised noone pointed this out.  As far as I can tell, DivX, what
 that codecs package contains, is illegal.  It started off the Microsoft
 DLLs for MPEG4, got reverse- engineered and disasembled, patched and
 compiled again into the DivX codecs.  The license on the original DLLs
 explicitly forbids reverse- engineering them.  Since the machine in
 question is in the US (better said: in the same jurisdiction where this
 reverse-engineering act is illegal) and since there's not even a hint
 about *who* the author of that CODEC is, even less about it's copyright
 status, could you PLEASE remove the files from *.d.o machines?



 PS: go to http://xmps.sourceforge.net/, try to find the link to these
     win32 codecs there.

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