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Avifile package - help needed

Hi everyone

After a while there is finaly version which looks stable enough for me, 
so there are new packages of this program available here


However there are still some errors which prevents this package to be
released - namely this one:

E: libaviplay: shlib-with-non-pic-code usr/lib/libaviplay.so.0.0.0

I'm unable for now to recompile this library with -fPIC flag because
the author of avifile seems to be joining two libraries into one and
this is probably the cause why the linking stage is producing these

../lib/.libs/libaviplay.so: undefined reference to
../lib/.libs/libaviplay.so: undefined reference to
../lib/.libs/libaviplay.so: undefined reference to

However without -fPIC code the library seems to be fully operational and
I would
say that now at least the aviplay reached the stage of very good
(it least it's finally able to play subtitles in non-isolatin1 encoding)

Anyway all the sources are also available here
(basically tar.gz is CVS snapshot & there is small diff file with debian
so the package could be build directly from CVS, if its compilable in
that time)

Those how need this program right now could download these .deb files
If there is anyone who knows how to solve this situation please let me

PS: Should I upload the package with lintian's error ?

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