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Re: tar -I incompatibility

> > Of course the -I option to tar was completely non-standard.  The changelog
> > explains why it changed, to be consistant with Solaris tar.  I'd prefer
> > portability and consistancy any day, it shouldn't take that long to change
> > any custom scripts you have.  I always use long options for nonstandard
> > commands when building scripts anyway :)
> I think it would be best for *our* tar to move bzip to -j and *not have
> a -I at all*. 

 Or alias -I to -j, but print a warning to stderr:

tar: warning: Using the -I option for bzip compression is an obsolete
functionality and it will removed in future versions of tar,

 Then, in the woody+1 we make -I work as upstream tar does now.

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