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Re: tar -I incompatibility

> Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > the Author of tar changed the --bzip option again. This time its even
> > worse than the last time, since -I is still a valid option but with a
> > totally different meaning.
> >
> > This totally changes the behaviour of tar and I would consider that a
> > critical bug, since backup software does break horribly with the new
> > semantic.
> Yes, I think that this should definetely be changed back. The first time
> I encountered this problem, I thought that the tar.bz2 archive was
> broken from the error message tar reported. (Not a valid tar archive or
> so.) This change is confusing and unreasonable IMHO.

Of course the -I option to tar was completely non-standard.  The changelog
explains why it changed, to be consistant with Solaris tar.  I'd prefer
portability and consistancy any day, it shouldn't take that long to change
any custom scripts you have.  I always use long options for nonstandard
commands when building scripts anyway :)

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