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Bug#81396: root shell fscked after upgrade to woody

>>"Eray" == Eray 'exa' Ozkural <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> writes:

 Eray> After I upgraded from potato to woody on
 Eray> an i386 machine, I observed a strange sympton

 Eray> I login as root. It doesn't matter where, console, X or
 Eray> from network...
 Eray> When I check the environment, normal user environment is
 Eray> present. If I run apt-get upgrade for instance the program
 Eray> will complain that path doesn't have the *sbin directories
 Eray> which is the way it should be. The quickest way to fix it
 Eray> is to type
 >> su
 Eray> and then I can run any root process without errors on this
 Eray> child shell.

 Eray> I observed the exact error on another installation while
 Eray> upgrading from slink to potato so I presume this is a bug
 Eray> which has not been addressed yet. I had then thought this
 Eray> was a "feature" not a "bug" but now I'm certainly sure it's
 Eray> a bug because the machines I installed from scratch *never*
 Eray> show this behaviour.

	There is not enough information in this report to actually do
 anything about debugging the problem. You don't even mention what
 shell you are using as /bin/sh; what you have in /etc/environemnt;
 what you have in the configuration files for the rot user, whether
 you have tried any debugging echo statements (or set -x); whether you
 have wnything in /etc/profile

	In other words, an important bug on general, no attempt to
 resolve the problem, and no infromation to allow other to help with
 the problem either.

	I would expect a better report from a developer.

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