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Re: LILO 21.6-2

>>"Peter" == Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net> writes:

 Peter> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
 >> At the moment, if there is no lilo.conf, the kernel-image
 >> postinst creates a functioanl lilo.conf that takes into account

 Peter> Is this wise?

	You are asking my opinion? Absolutely. 

 Peter> I assume that in a perfect world the lilo package would be
 Peter> better to configure itself than some "random" other
 Peter> package. The lilo package would have more knowledge of which
 Peter> special things to consider, eventually after consulting the
 Peter> user.

	That does not yet happen to be the case. 

	Additionally, this functionality has been in the kernel image
 package for about 4 years now; and lilo.conf was never a conffile. 

	Additionally, creating a lilo.conf is done with full admin
 approval -- and, IMHO, does a reasonable job of the lilo.conf
 file. In absennce of any capability in the lilo package this was
 required to have a system bootable after installing a kernel
 image. Now that lilo may be doing the job on its own, the need for a
 ``random'' third package to handle what should always have been
 lilo's job is reduced. 

	I suggest that the lilo package create a /usr/sbin/liloconfig,
 or some such, which can be invoked at the admins behest and

 Peter> Consider this: Kernel-image gets installed and finds no lilo.conf and
 Peter> makes a minimal but functional lilo.conf. Then lilo gets installed, it
 Peter> finds a lilo.conf and decides not to touch it (what a nice
 Peter> package). What the user now doesn't know is that the lilo packages
 Peter> configuration of lilo.conf would have given him the oputunity to use a
 Peter> password on lilo or some other fancy feature.

	Nice hypothesis -- and when it becomes close to reality
 kernel-package shall be changed. All I was commenting was that the
 lilo config needs to be improved to subsume the capability of the
 kernel image postinst (surely not too much to ask for). 

 Peter> Nobody should touch the configuration files belonging to lilo but the
 Peter> local sysadmin and the lilo package itself. And the lilo package
 Peter> should rather  be a little less fancy in it's install than destroying
 Peter> existing configurations.

	Were lilo.conf a conffile you would be correct. But it has not
 been so until fairly recently; and, in any case, no lilo.conf was not
 better than a minimal one. I have never said that once we have a
 reasonably competent lilo config process I would not change

	Incidentally, an argument could be made that the local admin
 created the file, using the postinst as an intelligent language
 sensitive editor rather than vi.

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