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Re: LILO 21.6-2

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

> 	At the moment, if there is no lilo.conf, the kernel-image
>  postinst creates a functioanl lilo.conf that takes into account

Is this wise?

I assume that in a perfect world the lilo package would be better to
configure itself than some "random" other package. The lilo package
would have more knowledge of which special things to consider,
eventually after consulting the user.

Consider this: Kernel-image gets installed and finds no lilo.conf and
makes a minimal but functional lilo.conf. Then lilo gets installed, it
finds a lilo.conf and decides not to touch it (what a nice
package). What the user now doesn't know is that the lilo packages
configuration of lilo.conf would have given him the oputunity to use a
password on lilo or some other fancy feature.

Nobody should touch the configuration files belonging to lilo but the
local sysadmin and the lilo package itself. And the lilo package
should rather  be a little less fancy in it's install than destroying
existing configurations.

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