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Re: LILO 21.6-2

On Saturday 06 January 2001 15:08, Joey Hess wrote:
> Russell Coker wrote:
> > I have just uploaded LILO 21.6-2 to Woody.  I have made it use debconf
> > for all the common settings (I can configure lilo.conf for all my
> > machines using only debconf).  Please test it and let me know of any
> > other settings that should be added for debconf.
> >
> > Also I am concerned about the risk of breaking things.  Please let me
> > know how it works.
> Well I rather agree with the bug reports that state it should not
> overwrite existing working configurations.
> Also, it broke my configuration by pointing to these images:
> image=/vmlinuz
>     label=Linux
> image=/vmlinuz.old
>     label=old
> That doesn't work, I have kernel-package configured to put them in
> /boot.

I have a new version online at http://www.coker.com.au/lilo/ .  It adds 
/boot/vmlinuz-* automatically and doesn't look for anything in the root 
directory.  Please try it out and let me know what you think.

Also currently if you don't have debconf configured to display "high" 
priority messages then the configure phase of installation won't run.  The 
problem line is:
db_text high lilo/createdit

I believe that this line should be critical priority anyway so this problem 
should go away.  But what do I do when I want to display text at a 
non-critical level?  Is this a bug in debconf or am I misusing it?

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