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Re: Craig Sanders

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

> i pointed out that what that arsehole is doing is pretending to be
> concerned about some hypothetical scenario in an attempt to get away
> with publicly slandering me. that's the cowardly behaviour of a
> contemptible loser.

As I recall, I didn't "publicly slander" anyone.  Craig sent me
abusive email, and I forwarded it to the list, because I think Debian
developers should not write such things in the course of Debian
business.  If Craig thinks it's public slander to accurately report
his words, then he must be using the term in some way I haven't
encountered before.

> i'll use language in any way i see fit, and i'll thank you not to utter
> such offensively banal crap in my presence.

The irony here is stunning.

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