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Re: X 4.0.1 what's the deal?

  I was able to get X 4.0.1 working after all. the strange thing is that
everything was properly updated (using aptitude) from 3.3.6 to 4.0.1
except of server, I had to install the apt-get install xserver-xfree86.

  is it intentional?


David Z Maze wrote:
> Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:
> ES> what is the state of X 4.0.1? when I ran aptitude today (fri
> ES> night) it wanted to upgrade the packages in kinda strange way.
> It looks like it's in a typical "released to unstable" state, which is
> an improvement over the "might be totally broken" state that the
> pre-release packages claimed to be in.
> ES> why is xserver-svga updated to newer 3.3.6 version while most of other
> ES> X 3.3.6 packages are relaced by 4.0.1 version?
> ES>
> ES> is xserver-common new server? do I have to download something else to
> ES> get 3dfx voodoo III support?
> No, xserver-xfree86 is the new server.  Among other things, Voodoo3
> support is included in it.[1] Once you get the new server working, you
> don't need the old ones.  You only need the old xserver-svga package
> if your card isn't supported by XF86-4.0.1.
> ES> is the format of the configuration file changed?
> Yes.  The xserver-xfree86 package also comes with a text-mode
> configuration tool (dexter) which makes the setup almost trivial.[2]
> ES> overall, where to find out how to upgrade 3.3.6 to 4.0.1? I am kinda
> ES> afraid that simple dist-upgrade is not enough in this case...
> Ditch the task packages; I suspect that if you're running unstable
> you'll probably find them too limiting anyways.
> ES> is the X 4.0.1 in process of being updated and is it better to wait
> ES> for some time till it gets completed? or?
> AFAICT the upgrade is pretty complete.  I'm running the upgraded
> packages now and they seem to be fine.
> Note that the layout of the packages has changed a little.  It's okay
> to remove all of the packages listed as "to be removed" in your list,
> but you might need to install other packages to get equivalent
> functionality.  In particular:
> -- xbase-clients includes what used to be in xcontrib.
> -- xfonts-cjk Just Doesn't Work right now.
> -- xlibs-dev contains the section 3 man pages in xmanpages.
> -- xlibs now contains libXpm as a standard library.
> -- xsm is also part of xbase-clients now.
> [1] ...though I can't get 3D acceleration working with my Voodoo3
>     2000.  Huh.
> [2] My one complaint with dexter is that it has a 1280x960 mode, but
>     not a 1280x1024 mode.  Yay wishlist bugs.
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